The lives of two families become intertwined, as they enter the market for international adoption. 
In Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, adoption agencies pop up everywhere, and western couples are gathering, looking to adopt local children. A Danish couple, Henriette and Gert, are there to adopt two children from an Ethiopian couple, Sinkenesh and Hussen. The two families have different motives for choosing adoption. The African couple wishes to secure a better future for two of their children – and to receive an economic compensation. The Danish couple wishes to realize their dream of becoming parents.Mercy Mercy follows the process of one adoption from both sides of the globe, during four hard years. We experience the consequences for the biological parents, who are not prepared for the conditions and processes of international adoption. And we follow the Danish couple, who are not prepared to parent two children, who already have parents. Finally, it shows how the oldest of the two children, four-year-old Masho, is suffering the detrimental consequences of an adoption gone wrong.Mercy Mercy raises important questions about the ethical and political implications of international adoption, and watching it is a both heartbreaking and heartwarming experience.A production by Fridthjof Film Doc.
With the support of Danish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond,  MEDIA, The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund, The Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Financed in collaboration with TV2 Danmark
In co-production with Helsinki-Filmi and VPRO
In association with YLE, RTS, SRF, NRK, UR, Yes Docu TV, HRT, and DR International Sales.
Developed in cooperation with Sand TV


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